Rail Car Windshield and Side Glass

Coach Glass has manufacturing partners with the capability to produce the best in rail glass. We are breaking ground in our new rail division and excited to work with our manufacturing partners to become a cornerstone of the rail glass industry. Our team is committed to providing exceptional quality glass and we are available for consultation regarding any rail glass production project.

OEM and Aftermarket Rail Glass

Give us a call for any original equipment manufacturing (OEM) or aftermarket rail glass needs. We can often create equivalent products at more competitive prices. Our current glass products include spall, ballistic, curved, laminated and toughened glass to keep your passengers comfortable and safe.

Partner with Our Engineers

We are eager to assist you in manufacturing high-quality and durable high-speed or light rail glass. Visit our product development page to learn more about our capabilities and reach out to us about our product offerings.

Contact Us

We either have your product in stock to ship, or we’ll work with you to engineer the glass that you need. Let’s work together to get your product to the station on time.